Power In Motion Institute
Foundations Course
Our foundations course is a requirement before joining group classes here at PowerIn Motion Insitute.

The Power in Motion Institute is fashioned to create the highest level of training through physical and nutritional education to the fitness community.

Welcome To Power In Motion Institute

Power In Motion Institute attention to detail, focus on the student and approach to training and nutrition differentiates us from the typical “gym” experience. We offer services in CrossFit Lite (Functional Integrated Training), CrossFit, Personal Training, Endurance Training, Tough Training, Kids and teens as well as Women’s CrossFit Lite classes and a Foundations program. Windhawk Therapy, yoga along with corporate wellness programs, all complimented with a full line of nutritional supplements add to our array of products and services.

The Power in Motion Institute is changing the way people think of their health and fitness training and goals.   Our staff is professionally qualified to help establish your personal goals and create fitness benchmarks to guide you as you begin your life changing experience.


Power In Motion Institute is unique in that you are being coached through every workout you attend. You will not be left standing around fending for yourself.


Personal Training for those who have specific training related goals, or for people who require additional preparation for the full CrossFit program.

CrossFit Lite

Many people want to experience the fun of CrossFit, but may have reservations about lifting heavy weights. This is understandable since the idea of lifting very heavy weight can be unsettling.

PIM Endurance

PIM Endurance is an endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance, fitness and sports potential We inspire, coach, and provide our community with the most aggressive and proven fundamentals of sports science, exercise physiology, nutrition,

Tough Training

Tough Training is an endurance and strength conditioning program designed to take your fitness to the next level. Do you want to climb up Camelback faster? Do you want to run a 5k or an obstacle race like the Spartan Race? Do you want to look better in your bikini or board shorts?


Get your sexy on! Wanna look GREAT and feel SEXY again? Our newest “Get Your Sexy On” AKA PowHER Fit Class is just what you need! Stepping into any type of gym

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